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Pos One: F&M Bank of Gehenna by Jon Neal Wallace
Pos One: F&M Bank of Gehenna
Jon Neal Wallace

Blood Shed of War Bones by Jon Neal Wallace
Blood Shed of War Bones
Jon Neal Wallace

tell me by Rokko Spider
tell me
Rokko Spider

sexy sadie by Rokko Spider
sexy sadie
Rokko Spider

spreadin the disease by David A. Magitis
spreadin the disease
David A. Magitis

Face of an Android Dreaming by Alan King
Face of an Android Dreaming
Alan King

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Sacrament of the Last Supper, 1955
Sacrament of the Last Supper, 1955
Dali, Salvador
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Featured Artist: Mike Philbin
Beauty Is The Eye Of The Beholder
Beauty to the likes of us who paint surreal or psycho-erotic imagery is a very different thing than the usual made-up, anorexic, catwalk models strutting their stuff all over the world in killer stiletto heals, leather and chiffon (though there is an animal allure to that sort of physical prostitution) brand....
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New Artists
The Hammond Gallery welcomes the following artists:
Lauren Halkon (6)Far Journey by Lauren Halkon
Joined On: 15th December 05
Lauren Halkon is 32 years old and has worked professionally in the dual fields of literature and art for over twelve years. She also maintains both a ... more
Caner Kaptanoðlu (12)Broken by Caner Kaptanoðlu
Joined On: 23rd November 05
Caner Kaptanoglu was Born in 1982, November 12th. He started drawing at the age of two, with crayons, which he had forgiven using after the age of fou... more
Nick Darastean (30)The Lonely Rose by Nick Darastean
Joined On: 22nd November 05
NICK DARASTEAN www.darastean.com Born: April 2, 1971 in Halmagiu, Arad - Romania ARTISTIC DEVELOPMENT: since 2001- Member of the Romanian Ar... more
Solomon Kane (13)Invoking the Divine or Be Careful What You Wish For by Solomon Kane
Joined On: 07th October 05
I was born in Houston Texas in 1959 and except for a year in Israel, I have been a native Texan all of my life. Here, it seems as if the art world is... more
Ace Layton (10)Reflections by Ace Layton
Joined On: 06th October 05
Classically trained in painting and airbrush techniques professional illustrator Ace Layton brings a respect for old world masters into his unique vis... more
Stevon Lucero (21)Art Lovers by Stevon Lucero
Joined On: 18th August 05
Colorado Artist Stevon Lucero Written by: Miguel Angel Castro, posted by Paola Farer, Web Producer From an early age, Stevon Lucero viewed thing... more
Latest Comments
Author: Image: Comment:
Keith Wigdor
20th Jan 06 @ 02:32
Mike Philbin
1992_8 by Mike Philbin
Mike, this is a Masterpiece of Surrealism! I love this painting! I want to buy it!

Adam Pinson
19th Jan 06 @ 16:06
Adam Pinson
Thanks for the comments Dutchdon, have you checked out this place....... visionaryartforum.com

19th Jan 06 @ 03:54
The two Frida's
Frida Kahlo
she was kewl!

Rafael Amadis Goldmund
18th Jan 06 @ 03:51
"The Parade Of Lost Knights"
Nick Darastean
Limpieza de alcantarillado
Instaladores aire acondicionado es un servicio proporcionado por expertos en el área de instalación del aire acondicionado Precio de instalacion de aire acondicionado split en Santa Marta De Tormes Instalación y reparación de sistemas de aire por conductos. Nosotros garantizamos la calidad de nuestros servicios al contar con el personal preparado, personas que garantizan una instalación de calidad aquí mismo en la ciudad.

14th Jan 06 @ 19:31
Adam Pinson
Unbelievably fine work Adam.... This one is one of my all time favorites....Keep up the excellent work.... Denise @Dutchdon from California...

14th Jan 06 @ 19:23
"The Possible Apple"
Nick Darastean
The Possible Apple
Your Artwork Is Absolutely Fantastic! Do you Sell Posters Of Your Works? With Respect, Denise @ Dutchdon from California...

DC @ Dutchdon
14th Jan 06 @ 19:05
betrayed love
Rokko Spider
betrayed love
What an excellent new work Rocco! You just keep getting better and better... With respect, DC

14th Jan 06 @ 18:59
Mystic Falls
Ace Layton
Mystic Falls
Excellent work my friend in art! All your work is equally fine its' hard to choose a favorite! Keep up the wonderful work... DC.......

The Hammond Gallery cannot be held responsible for the views expressed by any posted comment.
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Di-Maccio Gérard
Uploaded: 21st July 03

Rene Magritte
Uploaded: 17th January 03

Face of the sky
Vasil Vasilev
Uploaded: 01st January 04

Erwin Moser
Uploaded: 16th August 03

Joe Renaud
Uploaded: 28th April 03

The Gradation of Fire
Rene Magritte
Uploaded: 17th January 03

Jean-François Dupuis
Uploaded: 19th March 03

Tower on the earth
Brevigliero Battista
Uploaded: 18th December 03

Rex Mundi - King of the World
Solomon Kane
Uploaded: 07th October 05
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